I don’t discuss client business

I understand that you need to see my portfolio. I wouldn’t hire a designer I didn’t know without a portfolio either.

My clients are not fans of describing their projects on the internet. In this situation, I could:

  • give up making a portfolio and work only with friends and acquaintances of friends
  • ignore my arrangements with clients and describe their projects in my portfolio
  • create a portfolio full of unimplemented concepts for applications
  • create a portfolio full of redesigns of well‑known digital products
  • create an account on Dribbble with nice pictures and not worry about project stories, goals, processes, or results
  • use my design skills to do some good deeds and document them in my portfolio.

I opted for variant f.

I’m aware that a portfolio without commercial projects may be unacceptable to you. I’d be happy to document our joint commercial project in my portfolio. This would require courage and commitment on your part, going beyond the standard non‑disclosure agreement taken by a lawyer from a template.

If you’re convinced, contact me.

If you’re not, write me an email, we’ll talk, and you can send me a test assignment.

If you’re convinced but a portfolio like this won’t do the job in your organization, write “hello” at hola-hola@gregorywolanski.com and let’s stay in touch—organizations and jobs change. :)

Thank you for your timeEnjoy the rest of your day
© Gregory Wolanski