Smaller good deeds for NGOs

How I used my design skills to help people who help people

After Niepelnosprawnik, people started asking me for help. I didn’t expect that. I had to work out a constructive way to handle this situation. And fast.

A reply to an email, 45 minutes of conversation, or half an hour of a designer’s deep work can provide value and significantly reduce the risk in a project. Especially in a civic tech, pro bono project.

The rules I’ve adopted for help requests

  • I answer all emails
  • I don’t get involved operationally in new civic tech projects anymore
  • I provide advice, but only when someone asks for it
  • If I agree to help, I do it once, I do it transparently, and I do it by the deadline, which I propose myself

Wow - what reliability and punctuality :) […] You overhelped :)

Maja Durlik
Project coordinator, The Unit for Social Innovation and Research “Shipyard”

How it looked in practice

  • I advised a project in an idea incubator for so‑called “social innovation”. The incubator focused on innovations in services provided to people dependent on others due to disability, illness, or age and those people’s caregivers.
  • I wrote several dozen emails.
  • You could meet me at the House of Social Innovation “Dreamers and Artisans.”
  • I have read and reviewed a total of several hundred pages of projects and specifications.
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