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English, Deutsch, polski.gif

I use English passively on a daily basis. I listen to podcasts, read books, articles, and newsletters, and watch movies.

I use English actively on Medium and a little at work (some of my colleagues are English‑speaking).

Disclaimer: The articles on Medium undergo corrections.

In 2019, I completed the Business English C1+ course at the British Council.

My English is decent enough that Balsamiq has published an interview with me on their blog.

I read that Vimeo asks applicants to tell a joke in English to test their language skills during their recruitment process. I can’t even tell jokes in Polish, my native language.

I estimate that I’d need 3 weeks to 3 months to get used to using English actively on a daily basis. I expect our first conversation in English to be awkward. I know that’s not going to help you decide to hire me, but hiring me is still worth it.

If you decide my English is too poor, I’m willing to take English classes even 5 days a week.

Ich habe fast 9 Jahre Deutsch gelernt. Ich erinnere mich an nichts. Ich würde mich aber gerne daran erinnern. Ich denke, dass es weitere 6 bis 9 Monate dauern würde, aber wenn es dir wichtig ist, bin ich bereit, es zu tun.

Polski jest moim językiem ojczystym.

GIFs are my fourth language.

Thank you for your timeEnjoy the rest of your day

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