What makes me stand out as a designer

What makes me stand out as a designer


I’m not the type of person who’s interested in awards, but I understand they might be important for you. I have won 4 awards: three for accessibility, one for innovation.

Focus on business goals

Instead of pretty pictures, you will see in my portfolio:

  • how I used good design to help gather PLN 40,000 for a search engine of places accessible to people with disabilities
  • how I decreased the bounce rate by 52.35% in 18 days for an application that facilitates the selection of beneficiaries of Poland’s important 1% Program

Designing for more than just money

In my portfolio, you’ll find open‑source projects and civic‑tech projects created pro bono after hours with non‑governmental organizations.


For 18 months, I published an article once a month. After the publication of one of my texts, Balsamiq held an interview with me.


I can design in a web browser. I have experience prototyping in React Native. I’ve worked in Objective‑C. I’ve done things in React, Angular, and a few others. I can talk to software developers.


I don’t know how to not get involved in work. Gray hair in my beard? All related to work. :)


I’m constantly learning new things. I read books, listen to podcasts, watch talks, practice new skills, and experiment. I also have the ambition to share knowledge.


Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Irritating? I hope not, because I believe all good design comes with a lot of questions.

Products and e‑commerce

There are certainly interesting things going on in software houses and advertising companies, but I’m currently interested in working on a product or in the e‑commerce industry.


I don’t have a professorship in statistics, but I’m not afraid of numbers. I have an analytical and open mind, I can code, and I like data‑informed design.

Building a company

I tried to build a company. For 4 years. Without subsidies or funding. I know how difficult it is. I learned a lot from this experience. I have great respect for business.

Fine with being the second

I’m a mature designer. I’m aware of my ego. If you’re looking for a second, third, or even fourteenth designer to fill a gap or take care of something you or your team don’t want to deal with, I’m your man.

Work organization

I can work without a project manager. I can manage my time, take notes at meetings, and prioritize tasks.


Designing without time or budget constraints is a hobby, not a job. I’m professional in what I do.


I believe in transparency and open source, that words are important, and that everything is a remix.


I’m not trying to be infallible. I openly admit my mistakes. I take responsibility for them. I do what I must to not repeat them.


You can throw a problem at me and rest assured it’ll be resolved. Every problem has a solution. If there’s no solution, there’s no problem.


I designed, optimized, accepted, supervised, commissioned, priced, sold, programmed, developed, maintained, edited, positioned, promoted, and tested websites and web applications for clients from micro‑enterprises to stock‑offering companies. I have a pretty good grasp of the whole process.


I say “no.” You can professionally argue with me and count on my honesty.

I can speak in GIFs

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